Creative make-up competition

Fantasy Goddess


Newcomer makeup artists  and  Professional makeup artists

from whole Europe

The make-up is your very own personal creation!

At least one element of your creation must reflect the theme.

          Let yourself be inspired by the work of the jury!  


One topic, two categories

First category for * newcomer make-up artists 

Second category for professional make-up artists

* Students of a make-up school or people who have completed their make-up training within the 12 months prior to the event (after December 2018).

Sign up  and qualification

Completed registration form  with four different images  Yours  Working by

Submit email.  CHF 80.00  Pay the registration fee and send in the receipt together with the pictures and the registration form.

The deadline for entries is November 15th  2019.


The jury will nominate ten finalists in each of the two categories.

These finalists will be announced on December 10, 2019 and by email  informed.  the  20 finalists will be up to the competition  Have time to prepare their creations for this  then on January 26, 2020  to present in a show to the jury and the audience.



Category  Newcomer makeup artists  

  1st place cash prize  worth CHF 1,500.00

  2nd place products valued at CHF 1,000.00

  3rd place products worth CHF   750.00


Category professional make-up artists

  1st place cash prize  worth CHF 2,000.00

  2nd place for products valued at CHF 1,500.00

  3rd place for products worth CHF 1,000.00



  • Preparation time for the  Creations on site, two hours

  • a maximum of 20-25% "face painting" is allowed

  • mixed textures

  • Hairstyle and nails should already be prepared

  • Body painting is allowed but will not be rated

  • The costume  counts when it complements the overall look


Job evaluation / awarding of points  

  • Quality and technology 1-10 points

  • Idea / concept         1-10 points

  • Adherence to the subject         1-10 points

  • Color consumption        1-10 points

  • Overall impression      1-10 points


Please send the registration forms to

Patrizia Camardella